Teaching (Course links to classes)

FOR 2542 (Field Studies)
Forest Measurements and Inventory
NR 3110 (Campus, Online)
Natural Resource Biometrics
FOR 4360/7360 (Campus)
Photogrammerty, Inventory and Models
FOR 4375/7375 (Campus)
Forest Stand Dynamics
Ecological Modeling (Campus)
Ecological Modeling
FOR 8515 (Graduate Online)
Advanced Forest Biometrics

Research (Links to Research topics)

Quantitative Silviculture Laboratory
Students and Products of my lab
Sylvan Stand Structure Model
Spatially explicit forest growth model
Very High Resolution Digital Aerial Photography
Experiments in low level aerial photography
Forestry Functions
Computer Code to help foresters

Service (Links to Service topics )

Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife Seminars
Semester seminars hosted at The School of Natural Resources
20th Central Hardwood Forest Conferences
Conference hosted at the University of Missouri
Academic website on Silviculture
Missouri Silviculture
Website of Missouri Silviculture
Silviculture Instructors
Website of Silviculture Instructors
Forestry Department History
Information about the Forestry Department at the University of Missouri
Boone County Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Missouri-Worked All Counties Award

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