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This course assumes a forestry background, forest sampling knowledge and statistic background in regression. The course will cover an array of forest measurement and analysis topics with the goal of helping you understand of the interactions of trees as they grow in a forest. You will learn or relearn and practice the methods for calculating forest inventory reports and analyses. We will focus of many of the important but subtle points that greatly influence the interpretation of the results.

The course is a "learning by doing" type course, you will be presented with a set of projects usually one or two weeks long, a set of resources and tools, as well as a template to guide you through the projects. As the course is being offered online the example data sets will be available in both metric and Imperial (English) units. The projects can be completed in either system as long as you are self consistent.

The overall goals of the class is to develop in the student, the ability to correctly process forest inventory data for a specific objective and have the conceptual background to interpret the results of the analysis. These skills and knowledge will be developed by several guided data analysis examples that have key concepts as part of the problem.

In each class project, you will be presented with a key question, a description of the background issues and with references to further reading, a data set and a set of steps to minimally complete the project. In each project, you will be asked questions that should spur further analysis based on aspects of the background presented. You will produce a report of your findings. Completion of the minimal component of the project will pass the assignment, Better grades will be based on how the student uses the resource provided to enrich the analysis.

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Author: Dr. David R. Larsen
Created: January 7, 2011
Last Updated: December 19, 2017