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Boone County Amateur Radio Emergency Service


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Disaster Planning Tips

Disaster can strike at any time, without any warning. Having a family plan is _vital_ in emergencies. Visit the links below for information on disaster planning, making an emergency preparedness kit, and other items as well.

Red Cross Disaster Services has some great guides on planning for emergencies. Some of their guides include:

The Red Cross has additional information for seniors, people with disabilities, and animal and pet owners at

For additional tips, also visit The Weather Channel®'s Operation Safeside website.

Amateur Radio Operator Emergency Planning

The ARES Field Resources Manual (PDF) has helpful tips, forms, and guides for amateur radio operators.

The Green County, Ohio, ARES® group has a jumpkit outline in webpage HTML format PDF format.

Weather Radios

Weather radios are a great tool to have, especially if you live in rural areas without civil alert sirens. There are many types to choose from, many have alert functions that will sound an alarm when watchse and/or warnings are issued by the National Weather Service. If you only wish to receive alerts for certain counties, there are weather radios in production that have Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) functionality. If you have one of these radios and need the county (also called FIPS) codes, please consult the list below. For more information on weather radios, visit NOAA's NWR Consumer Information page.

Central Missouri Weather Radio Frequencies:

KWN-55 Jamestown 162.450 MHz - CH 4

WXL-45 Fulton 162.400 MHz - CH 2

FIPS codes for SAME enabled weather radios

Central Missouri counties:

  • Audrain -- 029007
  • Boone -- 029019
  • Callaway -- 029027
  • Cole -- 029051
  • Cooper -- 029053
  • Howard -- 029089
  • Miller -- 029131
  • Moniteau -- 029135
  • Morgan -- 029141

A full list of Missouri FIPS codes can be found here Weather Radio Missouri.

Created March 18, 2005
Last Updated: September 5, 2006