Boone County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Boone County Amateur Radio Emergency Service


K0SI repeater 146.760 - pl 127.3 Columbia, Missouri
Weather Net, K4CHS repeater 146.610 - pl 127.3 Columbia, Missouri
DSTAR repeater, WX0BC 442.32500 MHz +5.000 Columbia, Missouri
Winlink Gateway, KM0R-10 144.970 1200 Columbia, Missouri
Winlink Gateway, KM0R-10 145.030 1200 Columbia, Missouri
Winlink Gateway, KM0R-10 441.050MHz 9600 Columbia, Missouri

Missouri ARES
Missouri SEMA
Boone County FPD
American Red Cross - Central-Northern Missouri Chapter
Missouri Skywarn

Sanborn Field, University of Missouri, College Ave.
Jefferson Farms, on New Haven Rd., Columbia, Boone County, MO
Bradford Farm, University of Missouri on Rangeline Rd. at Vemers Ford Rd.
Capen Park, Columbia, Boone County, MO
Williamsburg, Callaway County, MO
Versailles, Morgan County, MO
National Weather Service for Columbia MO
Missouri Climate Center

Recent Midwest Earthquakes
Missouri Streamflow
US Lighting Strikes

High-Point Maps
Listserver Group
Past Events

Maps for 6 parts of the county
Boone County
NW Boone County
W Boone County
SW Boone County
NE Boone County
E Boone County
SE Boone County

Point Longitude-Latitude data in CSV format

If you have Google Earth installed on your machine you can look at the current status point map. Red points have no information, Orange points have been visited. Comments are attributed to the Amateur Radio operater that visited the site. Just click on the point!

Google Earth version of the point map

Created August 1, 2008
Last Updated: September 16, 2012