An analysis of the plot-level spatial structures created by the MOFEP treatment after 20 years.


David R. Larsen and Randy G. Jensen

Professor (DRL), Forestry, The School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211; Forest Community Ecologist (RGJ), Missouri Department of Conservation, 2929 County Road 618, Ellington, MO 63638 (Deceased); DRL is corresponding author: to contact, call 573-882-4775 or email at

Abstract – Since 1994 the Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project has collected 3D spatially explicit data on a subset of the vegetation plots. While the plot size and the tools have change the selected plot have remained consistent. These type of plot are relative rare in because the time and expense. We developed new methods for collecting cleaning and view the data. We will cover the efforts to reduce time and cost as well as the types of research questions we have been able to address with this dataset. Explore the type and variety of analysis what a possible because of the existence of this dataset.