An Evaluation of Reproduction Adequacy for Forests in the Central Hardwood Region


Lance A. Vickers

PhD Graduate, University of Missouri, 203 Natural Resources Building, Columbia, MO 65211. To contact, call: 870-310-0967 or email:

Abstract – Securing desirable regeneration is a vital component of sustainable forestry. Previous research has repeatedly demonstrated that the post-harvest composition of regenerating forests, particularly those in the Central Hardwood Region, are strongly influenced by the density, composition, and structure of the advance reproduction prior to harvest. Consequently, several metrics have been developed to evaluate the potential of the advance reproduction to meet the regeneration objectives for a proposed harvest. A study is underway to evaluate the adequacy of reproduction in the Central Hardwood Region by applying these existing metrics to data collected through the Forest Inventory and Analysis National Program. The results of this study will provide insight into the prospective health and sustainability of forests in the Central Hardwood Region under certain management scenarios. Details of the study design and preliminary findings will be presented.