Image is of a dogwood on the MOFEP sites in Missouri.
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Field Trips

Pre-meeting Field Trip

Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project Site Tour (SAF CFE 8 credits)

Mofep site 6 in the winter

Join us for an excursion into the heart of the Ozarks! You will visit the Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project, or MOFEP, one of the most comprehensive ecological investigations of forest responses to even-age and uneven-age management ever undertaken in upland oak ecosystems. Great attention has been given to the design of the MOFEP experiment and to coordination of the numerous associated research studies. Initiated in 1991, MOFEP includes coordinated research studies examining tree and ground flora dynamics, down wood, fungi, birds, small mammals, herpetofauna, invertebrates, and genetics. Soil, geolandforms, ecological landtypes, and climate at the sites are also studied. There have been two timber harvests on MOFEP since initiation, the first in 1996 and the second in 2011. The most recent results will be presented during the CHFC long-term research symposium; this field trip is your chance to see MOFEP in person and learn in-depth from the researchers leading this long-term experiment in forest management. In addition to touring MOFEP and hearing from some of the principle investigators for the project, this field trip will give you the opportunity to view the recently restored Missouri elk population and Current River, a National Scenic Riverways.

"The Landing" in Van Buren, MO will be hosting this gathering (573-323-8156; The Landing Hotel). The trip will begin at The Landing at noon on Monday (3/28) and we will return to The Landing around dusk, with a fish fry dinner to follow that evening. Tuesday (3/29) morning we will leave The Landing early to hopefully view the Missouri elk herd before continuing to other tour stops. The tour will conclude with a box lunch at a beautiful Stegall Mountain Natural Area. The trip will end in time for participants to be in Columbia for the CHFC reception that evening.

Total cost for the field trip, including the fish fry dinner and box lunch is $32/person. Lodging is available at The Landing at a reduced rate for the night of 3/28. Please contact The Landing directly to make reservations for the field trip and lodging. Please share any dietary restrictions with The Landing when registering. Limit 40 participants.

This area boasts many natural attractions, such as Blue Spring, Big Spring, Rocky Falls, and the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, as well as prime examples of restored oak- and pine-woodlands and glades with a wide diversity of flora and fauna and some of the largest tracts of contiguous oak forests and woodlands in the Midwest. Visitors can also enjoy fishing (including trout) and floating the waterways or hiking along the Ozark Trail.

Fees and other details of this field trip will be posted in the near future

Meet at The Landing Hotel - Van Buren, MO

Post Meeting Field trip

MU Power Plant Biomass Project (SAF CFE 3 credits)

MU Power Plant BioyymasssProject

Upon completion of a new biomass boiler in 2013, woody biomass now makes up one-third of the total thermal energy produced at the MU Power Plant. This thermal energy heats, cools, and generates electricity for over 13 million square feet of facilities, which include three hospitals, a research reactor, numerous research facilities and laboratories, academic buildings, residential halls, dining facilities, athletic facilities, computing centers and administrative buildings.

The boiler uses over 100,000 tons annually of wood residue biomass from various sources in Missouri. Plant personnel collaborated with the MU Forestry Department in developing biomass specifications to meet the new boiler's needs while at the same time ensuring the long-term health and viability of Missouri's forests.

A short presentation on the power plant's comprehensive energy program and the fuel supply contract along with its sustainability standards will be followed by an in-depth tour of the plant with particular attention to the biomass handling system and boiler. To keep tour groups manageable, this post-conference activity will be limited to 45 people.

Date: Friday, April 1, 2016, 9:00am to Noon

Central Hardwoods Conference, Post-conference Woodland Management and Research Fieldtour (SAF CFE 3 credits)

Missouri Woodland
Location: Rudolf Bennitt Conservation Area
Date: Friday, April 1, 2016, 8:00am to Noon
Limit: 45 people
Description: This half-day field tour will visit an area of Rudolf Bennitt Conservation Area that is being actively managed for oak woodland conditions through both thinning and burning treatments. A short presentation of fire history and past management will be followed by presentations and discussion of research into tree fire scarring, wound closure, tree value loss, and long-term vegetation change. This field tour is sponsored by the Oak Woodlands & Forests Fire Consortium.
Contact: Mike Stambaugh (

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