Image is of a dogwood on the MOFEP sites in Missouri.
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March 28-29 - (SAF CFE 8 credits)

March 28 - (Monday)

1:00-5:00 PM - Pre-meeting MOFEP tour (meet at The Landing Hotel - Van Buren MO,

March 29 - (Tuesday)

8:00-noon AM - Pre-meeting MOFEP tour (meet at The Landing Hotel - Van Buren MO,
6:00-8:00 PM - Registration - Hampton Inn,
6:00-8:00 PM - Reception - Hampton Inn,

March 30-31 - (SAF CFE 14.5 credits)

March 30 - (Wednesday)

March 30 - Plenary (Columns A/B/C)

8:00 AM - Welcome,
8:15 AM - James M. Guldin and Lance A. Vickers, Long-term silvicultural research studies - the good, the bad, and the ugly (Abstract) (Video)

March 30 - Break (Great Room - 9:00 AM)

March 30 - Regeneration I (T.O. Wright Room) Callie Schweitzer - Moderator

9:30 AM - Todd Ristau, Control of hay-scented and New York ferns with Oust XP®, herbicide: revisiting rate and timing required in mixed oak and northern hardwood stands. (Abstract)
10:00 AM - Jamie L. Schuler, Michael Boyce, and Gary W. Miller, The Impact of Strip Clearcutting on Red Oak Seedling Development (Abstract)
10:30 AM - Michael C. Demchik, Kevin M. Schwartz, Elijah Mujuri, and Emily Demchik, Effect of Reserve Trees on Oak Regeneration in Scrub Oak Sites in Central Wisconsin (Abstract)
11:00 AM - Dale R. Weigel , Daniel C. Dey, Callie J. Schweitzer, and Chao-Ying Joanne Peng, Stump sPROUT dominance probabilities of five oak species in southern Indiana 25 years after clearcut harvesting (Abstract)

March 30 - Soils and Nutrients (Donrey Room) Kyle Steele - Moderator

9:30 AM - Felix Ponder, Jr., John M Kabrick, Mary Beth Adams, Deborah S. Page- Dumroese, Martin F. Jurgensen, Mass Loss and Nutrient Concentrations of Buried Wood as a Function of Organic Matter Removal, Soil Compaction, and Vegetation Control in a Regenerating Oak-Pine Forest. (Abstract)
10:00 AM - J. W. Van Sambeek, John M. Kabrick, and Daniel C. Dey, Foliar nutrient responses of oak saplings to nitrogen treatments on alkaline soils within the Missouri River floodplain (Abstract)
10:30 AM - Alicia Struckhoff, ESD's - The New and Improved ECS (Abstract)

March 30 - Long-term Research (Columns D/E) Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy - Moderator

9:30 AM - Rochelle B. Renken, Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project: An Overview from Birth to Adolescence (Abstract)
10:00 AM - Matthew G. Olson, John M. Kabrick, Benjamin O. Knapp, Dynamics of Ozark forests under operational forest management systems: implications for adaptability to projected climate change (Abstract)
10:30 AM - David R. Larsen and Randy G. Jensen, An analysis of the plot-level spatial structures created by the MOFEP treatment after 20 years. (Abstract)
11:00 AM - Elizabeth K. Olson, Rose-Marie Muzika, and Susan Farrington, Twenty Years of Ground Flora Community Response to Forest Management in the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)

March 30 - Lunch (Columns A/B/C - 11:30-1:00 PM)

March 30 - Regeneration II (T.O. Wright Room) Alicia Struckhoff - Moderator

1:00 PM - Guerric Good, Lance Vickers, David Larsen, Benjamin Knapp, John Kabrick, Evaluation of sapling height development and intraspecific differentiation after clearcut and group selection harvests in the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)
1:30 PM - Callie Schweitzer, Daniel Dey, Shelterwood to promote Quercus seedling development via herbicide injection of midstory on the Mid-Cumberland Plateau, Alabama: Status four years after final harvest (Abstract)
2:00 PM - Matthew G. Olson and Benjamin O. Knapp, Stump sprouting dynamics during stand initiation under alternative silvicultural treatments in a Midwestern bottomland, mixed-species hardwood forest (Abstract)

March 30 - Wind Disturbance (Donery Room) Carter Kinkead - Moderator

1:00 PM - Justin Hart, Merrit Cowden, Scott Torreano, and Patrick Vestal, Disturbance, succession, and structural development of an upland hardwood forest on the Interior Low Plateau, Tennessee (Abstract)
1:30 PM - Lauren Cox, Justin Hart, Callie Schweitzer, Dan Dey, Structural complexity and developmental stage after an intermediate-scale wind disturbance in an upland Quercus stand (Abstract)
2:00 PM - Jeffrey S. Ward, Thomas E. Worthley, Thomas J. Degnan, and Joseph P. Barsky, STORMWISE: Integrating Arboriculture and Silviculture to Create Storm Resilient Roadside Forests (Abstract)

March 30 - Long-term Research (Columns D/E) Kamal Islam - Moderator

1:00 PM - Christopher T. Rota, Alexander J. Wolf, Rochelle B. Renken, Randy G. Jensen, Robert A. Gitzen, Robert A. Montgomery, and Joshua J. Millspaugh, Long-term impacts of three forest management practices on herpetofauna in the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)
1:30 PM - Robert A. Gitzen, Rochelle B. Renken, Debby K. Fantz, Randy G. Jensen, Alexander J. Wolf, Amy D. Bleisch, and Joshua J. Millspaugh, Peromyscus responses to alternative forest management strategies in the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)
2:00 PM - Andrew D. George, Paul A. Porneluzi, Dana L. Morris, Janet Haslerig, and John Faaborg, Breeding Bird Response to Forest Management in the First 25 Years of the MOFEP Experiment (Abstract)

March 30 - Break (Great Room - 2:30 PM)

March 30 - Fire Effects (T.O. Wright Room) Stacy Clark - Moderator

3:00 PM - Tyler K Refsland, Potential for prescribed fire to promote drought resistance of oak seedlings in a changing climate (Abstract)
3:30 PM - Patrick Brose, Prescribed Burning of Oak Shelterwoods: Which Fuel Models Apply? (Abstract)
4:00 PM - Jan Wiedenbeck, Tom Schuler, John Brown, Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy, Tree quality development in a Central Appalachian forest after a series of prescribed fires and shelterwood operations (Abstract)
4:30 PM - Tara L. Keyser, Mary A. Arthur, Heather D. Alexander, and David L. Loftis , Regeneration response to repeated prescribed burning in Appalachian hardwood forests (Abstract)

March 30 - Volume, Biomass and Carbon (Donrey Room) Steve Shifley - Moderator

3:00 PM - Martin A. Spetich and Stephen R. Shifley, Biomass and Carbon Measurements for a Central Hardwood Forest (Abstract)
3:30 PM - James A. Crawshaw, David W. Stahle, and Don C. Bragg, Composition, Biomass, and Age Distribution of an Old-Growth Mixed Mesophytic Stand in the Boston Mountains of Northwestern Arkansas (Abstract)
4:00 PM - David R. Larsen, Simple Taper: Taper equations for the field forester (Abstract)

March 30 - Long-term Research (Columns D/E) Elizabeth Olson - Moderator

3:00 PM - Michael R. Saunders, The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment
3:30 PM - Keith Summerville and Robert J. Marquis, Managing for all of the parts - what have we learned from studies of larval and adult Lepidoptera in harvested oak-hickory forests? (Abstract)
4:00 PM - Kamal Islam, Response of Cerulean Warblers to different forest treatment: Are estimators of relative abundance and reproductive success good predictors? (Abstract)
4:30 PM - Brian J. MacGowan, Andrea F.T. Currylow, and Jami E. MacNeil , Short-term responses of Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) to even-aged timber harvests in Indiana (Abstract)

March 30 - Poster Reception (Great Room) 5:00-7:00 PM

5:00-7:00 PM - Michael C. Demchik, Scott M. Virden, Zachary Buchanan, and Alissa M. Johnson, Maximal Crown Area Equation for Open-Grown Burr Oak (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Don C. Bragg, SITEQUAL v2.0-a FORTRAN program to determine bottomland hardwood site quality (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Benjamin Trammell, Justin Hart, Callie Schweitzer, Dan Dey, Effects of intermediate-scale wind disturbance on mixed pine-hardwood stands: a comparison of natural and managed disturbance (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Lance A. Vickers, David R. Larsen, John M. Kabrick, Daniel C. Dey, Benjamin O. Knapp, Modeling the Impact of Overstory Density on Reproduction Establishment in the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Lance A. Vickers, An Evaluation of Reproduction Adequacy for Forests in the Central Hardwood Region (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Kathleen M. Hatch, Keith W. Goyne, John M. Kabrick, Robert J. Kremer, Changes in selected soil quality indicators in forested soils following sawlog harvests (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Kyle Steele, Clayton Johnson, Danielle Evans, and Greg Nowacki, Exploring Confusing Soil and Ecological Relationships of the Des Moines Lobe in Minnesota and Iowa, USA (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Amanda L. Wolfgeher, Keith W. Goyne, and John M. Kabrick, The effects of prescribed fire on soil carbon pools and nutrient flux in oak woodlands of the Missouri Ozark Highlands. (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Alexander W. Taylor, Keith W. Goyne, John M. Kabrick, Gurbir Singh, Influence of selection harvesting and clearcutting on soil solution chemistry at the Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Shannon Stanis, Mike Saunders and Jan Wiedenbeck, Effects of prescribed fire in shelterwoods on residual overstory timber quality (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Kalli Dunn, Mike Saunders, Michael Jenkins and Keith Woeste, Genetic and ecological behavior of Pyrus calleryana in a Central Hardwood forest (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Skye Greenler, and Mike Saunders, Combined effects of an expanding shelterwood regeneration system and prescribed fire in oak dominated hardwood forest-preliminary results and progress (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Colton L. Eaton, Hal O. Liechty, and Michael A. Blazier, Effects of competition control on growth and physiology of two hardwood species (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Michael C. Stambaugh and Kevin T. Smith, Fire scar closure rates in oak and the implications to prescribed burning (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Kejia Pang, J.W. Van Sambeek, H.E. Garrett, and Shibu Jose, Evaluating Shade Tolerance of Cover Crops, Forages and Woodland Forbs: Facility Design and Preliminary Results (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Casey R. Ghilardi, Benjamin O. Knapp, Hong S. He, David R. Larsen, and John M. Kabrick, Evaluation of the Fire and Fuels Extension of the Forest Vegetation Simulator within the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Samantha E. Anderson, Benjamin O. Knapp, and John M. Kabrick, Effects of Long-Term Density Management on Carbon Storage, Carbon Sequestration, and Mortality in Oak-Hickory Forests of the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Badger B. Johnson and Shibu Jose, Effects of prescribed fire on non-timber forest product herb populations in the Missouri Ozarks (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Christopher Heim Mark V. Coggeshall, Arpita Konar, and Jeanne Romero-Severson, Mortality, Damage, and Growth in an Oak Woodland Following Prescribed Fire and Commercial Thinning in the Ozark Highlands (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Carter O. Kinkead John M. Kabrick, and Michael C. Stambaugh, Mortality, Damage, and Growth in an Oak Woodland Following Prescribed Fire and Commercial Thinning in the Ozark Highlands (Abstract)
5:00-7:00 PM - Van K. Ho Danh C. Vu, Hsin-Yeh Hsieh, Dan H. Pote, Mark V. Coggeshall, Anuradha Roy, Chung-Ho Lin., Exploring health benefits of phytochemicals in black waltnut (Juglans nigra L.)"

March 31 - (Thursday)

March 31 - Plenary (Columns A/B/C)

8:00 AM - Welcome,
8:15 AM - David N. Bengston, Michael J. Dockry, and Stephen R. Shifley, Anticipating Cascading Change: Developing Foresight for Central Hardwood Forest Futures (Abstract) (Video)

March 31 - Break (Great Room - 9:00 AM)

March 31 - Artificial Regeneration (T.O. Wright Room) Terry Robison - Moderator

9:30 AM - Cornelia Pinchot, Tom Hall, Scott Schlarbaum, Arnold Saxton, and James Bailey, Establishing northern red oak on a degraded upland site in Northeastern Pennsylvania: influence of seedling pedigree and seedling quality (Abstract)
10:00 AM - Stacy L. Clark, Scott E. Schlarbaum, Arnold M. Saxton, Barbara Crane, Allen Houston, and Ron Myers , Artificial regeneration of upland oaks (Quercus): new considerations of an old question (Abstract)
10:30 AM - Kejia Pang, Keith Woeste, and Charles Michler, Cultivar Identification and Genetic Relatedness among 25 Black Walnut (Juglans nigra L.) Clones Based on Microsatellite Markers (Abstract)

March 31 - Modeling and Utilization (Donrey Room) Dave Larsen - Moderator

9:30 AM - Sunil Nepal, Brent R. Frey, and James E. Henderson, Silvicultural and economic modeling of even- and uneven-aged management of bottomland hardwood forest in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (Abstract)
10:00 AM - J. R. Lootens-White, P. D. Miles, S. R. Shifley, D. M. May, Visualizations and Data Dashboard for the Northern Forest Futures Project (Abstract)
10:30 AM - Matthew Bumgardner, Urs Buehlmann, and Karen Koenig, Investment Activities in the Secondary Woodworking Industry (Abstract)
11:00 AM - Jan Wiedenbeck, Mathhew Scholl, Paul Blankenhorn, To saw or not to saw -- answers to the question of minimum feasible hardwood log diameters for conversion to lumber (Abstract)

March 31 - Long-term Research (Columns D/E) Lance Vickers - Moderator

9:30 AM - Mary Beth Adams, Long Term Soil Productivity Study in a Cherry-maple stand in West Virginia: Soil Nutrients (Abstract)
10:00 AM - Alejandro A. Royo, Michael J. Chips, Tim Nuttle, Mary Beth Adams, Walter P. Carson, The Stem Exclusion Bottleneck: Identifying the Key Drivers of Plant Diversity in Temperate Forests using a Long-Term Experimental Approach (Abstract)
10:30 AM - Chad S. Sundol, Amy L. Raybuck, Cathryn H. Greenberg, Christopher E. Moorman, Janis K. Bush, Gordon Warburton, Dean M. Simon, Tara L. Keyser, Comparison of Herpetofaunal Communities in Areas Disturbed by Oak Regeneration Silvicultural Treatments (Abstract)
11:00 AM - Brice B. Hanberry, Frank R. Thompson, Melissa C. Roach, D. Todd Jones-Farrand, and John M. Kabrick, Are early successional birds open forest birds? (Abstract)

March 31 - Lunch (Columns A/B/C - 11:30-1:00 PM)

March 31 - Forest Dynamics (T.O. Wright Room) Brice Hanberry - Moderator

1:00 PM - Gary W. Miller, Jamie L. Schuler, and James S. Rentch, Crown Class Dynamics of Oaks after Commercial Thinning in West Virginia: 30-Year Results (Abstract)
1:30 PM - Megan L. Buchanan, Kurt F. Kipfmueller, Anthony W. D'Amato, Forest development and stand dynamics in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin: Implications for oak regeneration and management (Abstract)
2:00 PM - David R. Larsen, John Kabrick, Steve Shifley and Randy Jensen, MOFEP plot change dynamics as view through stock diagrams (Abstract) (Video)

March 31 - Forest Health (Donrey Room) Tara Keyser - Moderator

1:00 PM - Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy, Jane Bard, Jeff Kochenderfer, Paul Berrang, Mortality, early growth and blight occurrence in hybrid, Asiatic, and American chestnut seedlings in West Virginia (Abstract)
1:30 PM - Sharon E. Reed, James T. English, Rose Marie Muzika, John M. Kabrick, Simeon Wright, Characteristics of sites and trees affected by rapid white oak mortality as reported by forestry professionals in Missouri (Abstract)
2:00 PM - Peter A Williams and Candace Karandiuk, Planning for and Implementing an Emerald Ash Borer-Induced Forest Restoration Program in Municipal Woodlands in Oakville, Ontario. (Abstract)

March 31 - Long-term Research (Columns D/E) Lauren Cox - Moderator

1:00 PM - Thomas M Schuler, Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy, Janice Wiedenebeck, and John Brown, Managing Appalachian Hardwood Stands Using Four Management Practices: 60-Year Results (Abstract)
1:30 PM - Lance A. Vickers, David R. Larsen, Long-Term Data Three Ways: Using Longitudinal Data from Different Sources to Examine Sapling Canopy Recruitment Dynamics (Abstract)
2:00 PM - Brent R. Frey, and Mark S. Ashton, Growth, survival and sunfleck response of underplanted red oaks (Quercus spp, section Erythrobalanus) along a topographic gradient in southern New England (Abstract)

March 31 - Break (Great Room - 2:30 PM)

March 31 - Long-term Research (Columns D/E) Jamie Schuler - Moderator

3:00 PM - Jeffrey S. Ward, Twenty-Five Year Response of Non-Crop Trees to Partial Release During Precommercial Crop Tree Management (Abstract)
3:30 PM - Brent R. Frey, Rajesh Koirala, and Mark S. Ashton, Alternative shelterwood approaches for natural regeneration of oak-dominated hardwood stands on mesic sites in southern New England (Abstract)
4:00 PM - William H. McWilliams, James A. Westfall, Patrick H. Brose, Shawn L. Lehman, Todd E. Ristau, Alejandro A. Royo, and Susan L. Stout, After a Quarter Century, What Does the Pennsylvania Regeneration Study Tell Us About the Future of Mixed Oak Forest Under Stress? (Abstract)
4:30 PM - Benjamin O. Knapp, Michael A. Hullinger, John M. Kabrick, Effects of fire frequency on long-term stand dynamics of an oak-hickory forest in southeastern Missouri (Abstract) (Video)

April 1 - (Friday) Post meeting tour in or near Columbia

9:00 - noon AM - MU Power Plant Tour - Biomass Boiler - Limit 45 (SAF CFE 3 credits),
8:00 - noon AM - Woodland Field Tour - Limit 45 (SAF CFE 3 credits),

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