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Missouri Log

1948 - Volume I

Cover by Lee K. Paulsell
Kelleter, Paul D. 1948. National Forests in Missouri. Missouri Log 1:1-4.
White, George O. 1948. Progress in State Forestry Missouri Log 1:5-9.
Westveld, R. H. 1948. Past, Present, and Future of Forestry at the University of Missouri. Missouri Log 1:10-13.
Edscorn, Kenneth C. and George Hamilton. 1948. Camp F-6, Dora Route, Pottersville, Missouri. Missouri Log 1:25-30.

1949 - Volume II

Cover by Robert D. Raisch
Paulsell, Lee K. and Bill Todd. 1949. Notes from the past. Missouri Log 2:39-40.
Todd, Bill. 1949. Summer Camp -- 1948. Missouri Log 2:63-68.

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