Seminars - Spring 2015

Wen Wang, MU School of Natural Resources, Forestry (Seminar, mp4)
The importance of sucession, harvest and climate change in determining future distribution and composition of Central Hardwood Forests, U.S.A
Matthew Olson, Missouri Department of Conservation (Seminar, mp4)
Science in support of forest and woodland conservation in Missouri.
James Whitney,MU School of Natural Resources, Fisheries & Wildlife (Seminar, mp4)
Spatiotemporal responce of aquatic native aand nonnative taxa to wildfire disturbance in a desert stream network
Jeanne Romero-Severson, Notre Dame (Seminar, mp4)
Genetic tools for northern red oak and black walnut: some assembly required
Lonnie Hansen, Missouri Department of Conservation (Seminar, mp4)
The Biological and social elements of a species restortion: Missouri elk
Linda Nagel, University of Minnesota (Seminar, mp4)
Changing the climate: cutting-edge application of adaptive forest Management.
Ronald Zalesny, USDA Forest Service
Ecosystem services of poplar at phytoremediation sites along urban to rual gradients.
Rose-Marie Muzika, MU School of Natural Resources, Forestry
Using refugia to assess long-term plant species loss from overbrowsing.

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