Seminars - Spring 2014

Alina Zare, MU Engineering (Seminar, mp4)
Autonomous Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Scene Understanding
Ricardo M. Holdo, MU Biological Science (Seminar, mp4)
Tree cover dynamics in Serengeti and beyond fire, water, and the quest for useful predictive models.
Steve Shifley US Forest Service, Columbia, MO (Seminar, mp4)
The Past and Future of Missouri's Forests: A Broad View of Forest Condistions and Management Needs, 2010-2060.
Richard Birdsey, US Forest Service, Newtown Square, PA (Seminar, mp4)
The Future of the Terrestrial Carbon Sink
Satu Lantianinen, MU Columbia, MO (Seminar, mp4)
Compartive Analysis of U.S. and EU Public Policies Promoting Wood Energy
Chadwick D. Oliver Yale University (Seminar, mp4)
The Adventures of a Silviculturist in the world of Sustainable Forestry
Eduardo Somarriba, FTA Consortium, CGIAR, Costa Rica (Seminar, mp4)
CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry

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Created: December 9, 2014
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