Stand Stocking

Stand stocking is a measure of site occupancy. It is often defined as a maximum average stocking. This is often presented as a relative index (percent stocking).

Gingrich Stocking Charts

The Gingrich Diagram was present in 1964, in conference proceedings and again in 1967 in Forest Science.  This diagram illustrates the relationship between basal area per acre, density (trees per acres) and the quadratic mean diameter (the diameter of the tree of average basal area).  The A-line is based on the normal stocking concept from normal yield tables.  Growth in stands above 100% is considered  to slow for normal forest management.  The B-line is the point of crown closure of trees with a maximum crown width.  A stand on the B-line is thought to have trees with no competition, yet no space wasted.  The C-line is an estimate based on normal yield table of the lowest stocking that will grow to the B-line within ten years.

Figure 1: Gingrich Stocking Diagram



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