In this class we will have homework assignments every two weeks through the semester. These will require that you learn a specific set of steps to get the data, perform the calculations in Excel, prepare a memo in Word and submit the document back to the blackboard assignment page. Failure to follow this process could result in a zero grade on an assignment.

Each homework assignment will have a data link to a page that you will "copy and paste" the data from the webpage to a blank Excel program. You will also need to save and return a data ID that is attached to your specific dataset. With out the ID I can not properly grade your work. It is very import to maintain both the data and the ID. If you go back to the data page you will get an new data set and have to perform the calculation over.

I have prepared a video to explain the process so that you can understand how it works.

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Author: Dr. David R. Larsen
Created: August 26, 2014
Last Updated: August 26, 2014