Memo Formats

You may need to communicate with the teacher to describe an idea. You can do this with a memo. Memos are used in the work world outside academia. This format should be used for either paper memos or e-mail. Memos should follow the following format:

Date:      Date of memo

To:         The Recipient
From:     Your Name
Subject: General Subject

First ParagraphMain point. The first sentence of a memo should clearly state the issue you want to address. You can elaborate as needed.

Middle Paragraph(s)Details. The second and if needed third paragraph(s) are the place for details that explain your ideas related to the first sentence stated above.

Last Paragraph What you want the recipient to do. The last paragraph should be a Call to Action. What are you asking the recipient of the memo to do as a result of this memo?  (e.g. make a suggestion on a project, approve the project, schedule a meeting, or announce a meeting).

An effective memo is concise, clear and to the point.  This type of memo will get you the results you desire.

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