As stated in the Introduction, I want the Natural Resource Biometrics class to be a rich learning environment. In each of the webpages there are references to where you can learn more about the specific topic. Most to the time these references are textbooks and occasionally there are the original papers on the topic. These resources can be found in the University Library and in some cases online.

Two texts are of particular interest to student of Natural Resource Biometrics. It is difficult to find a common text that covers the entire topic I wish to teach in this class, so I recommend two each one is specific to your major. These two texts covers most to the same topics but provide discipline specific examples.

Forest Mensuration by John A. Kershaw, Jr., Mark J. Ducey, Thomas W. Beers, & Bertram Husch. 2016. (For Forestry majors)
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey
ISBN: 978-1-118-90203-5
Edition: 5th

Ecological Methodolgy by C. J. Krebs. 1999. (For Fisheries and Wildlife majors)
Addison-Welsey Educational Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0-321-02173-8
Edition: 2nd
Kreb's Books:

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