The Excel® Spreadsheet

In this class, we will make extensive use of the Excel® spreadsheet program. This software is available on all the computers in Natural Resources and many of you have the software on your own computers. In class and the videos, I will be using the 2013 version of the software on the Window 7 & 10 operating system. Some people have used the Excel® software on the MacOS. For most of the topics the examples work, some require a different procedure to accomplish the same task. A few procedures I will introduce cannot be accomplished in the current version of Excel® on MacOS.

The philosophy of using Excel® is that it is used through the curriculum in The School of Natural Resources and this software or some similar software will be on any computer provide by a future employer. So, I will endeavor to intro a wide variety of features of the software that can be used to solve, sampling, processing, analysis and presentation situations.

The class topics will have a variety of short video introducing the use of Excel® to solve the problems presented in the class.

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Author: Dr. David R. Larsen
Created: October 6, 2013
Last Updated: August 22, 2017