If you have not written scientific reports before they follow a specific format. The outline of the report format can be found on the report web page.

Tables also have specific format that you should follow.


A table is a grid of information with the following general format.

Table 2. Expected distribution of species by ecological land unit in the absence of severe
anthropogenic disturbance. Tabulated values are the percent of 0.1 ha pixels in a given ecological
land unit expected to have a given species present when disturbance is a minimal for a century
or more. These target values are estimates derived through analysis of data from old-growth
remnant forests, mature second-growth forests, and consultation with local experts.

This is a typical table it includes a caption. Table captions are always on the TOP of the table. The caption should be complete enough that you should understand what the table contains. The table usually has column and row labels with unit when appropriate. Table footnotes are used to explain things that may be unclear.

Also See:

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