Tree Volume Estimation

These volume equations have been useful for student inventory projects in Missouri. The equations are extracted with Excel examples for ease of use.

Three base equations are needed.

$$ a = \frac{DBH^2(DBH + 190)}{100000} $$ $$ b = \frac{1}{100} \left[ \frac{mHt(168 - mHt)}{64} + \frac{32}{mHt} \right] $$ $$ c = 475 + \frac{3 mHt^2}{128} $$

where: DBH is Diameter at Breast Height in inches and mHt is the merchantable height of the tree in feet.

Volume in cords = a * b
Volume in board feet (Int. 1/4" rule) = a * b * c
A cord is assumed to fit into 128 cubic feet, but will have 79 feet of solid woods
Volume in cubic feet (excluding bark) = 76 * a * b
Volume in cubic feet (Including bark) = 92 * a * b

Please also take a look at the Programming Function topic on this equations Tree Volume Function

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