Testing differences between two samples with different variance

If the two variance are significantly different, we test them with this procedure.

Testing the difference between two means

The means of two samples can be tested for difference by:

$$ t = \frac{\bar{x}_1 - \bar{x}_2}{\sqrt{\frac{s^2_1}{n_1} + \frac{s^2_2}{n_2}}} $$

You will need to calculate the degrees of freedom for the critical value with the following formula:

$$ v = \frac{\left(\frac{s^2_1}{n_1} + \frac{s^2_2}{n_2} \right)^2}{\frac{\left( \frac{s^2_1}{n_1} \right)^2}{n_1 - 1} + \frac{\left( \frac{s^2_2}{n_2} \right)^2}{n_2 - 1}} $$

If this formula produces a decimal value truncate the value to an integer.

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