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Linne Plant Search and Keying System

Linne is a graphical plant database and searching system. Linne allows the user to input data about any type of plant, using a graphical forms based interface and a pre-defined set of botanical criteria. Once the user has entered the data they need, they can use the selection forms.

The selection forms are entirely graphical where possible. The user simply clicks on a plant characteristic (such as leaf shape, stem type, etc) and either clicks on a 'hot' map graphically showing the various traits or clicks a button selecting the trait. When the user enters each characteristic and returns to the selection form the list of plants is searched for all plants matching the current specs and a list is displayed. The user then selects as many other characteristics as he wants until the list of possible plants is small enough to work with. The user can then click on any particular plant whose scientific name and common name is given and will be taken to an information screen for that plant showing a picture of the plant and a verbose description of it's growth habitats, region, etc.

The program will initially include a database of common Missouri herbaceous plants but can be adapted and added to freely. The installation of the plant photos will be optional for users with limited hard drive space. The database is currently in beta and is being evaluated by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, or 95
6+ Megabytes RAM (4 may be possible but is not recommended)
10+ Megabytes Hard Disk Space Free
486DX or Pentium Recommended
Color Display

Availability and distribution is to be announced.

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Developed by:
Curt Larson and David Larsen
Originally Developed for the Missouri Department of Conservation
University of Missouri - College of Agriculture - School of Natural Resources
ęCopyright 1995 by The Curators of the University of Missouri, a public corporation