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This page describes Silviculture information on the web.


Quantitative Tools

Growth Models

North America

  • Forest Vegetation Simulator, USDA Forest Service, Forest Management Service Center.
  • ORGANON is an individual tree growth model developed for Southwest Oregon and the Western Willamette Valley of Oregon.
  • Central States TWIGS 3.0
  • Software from Mississippi State University, College of Forest Resources.
  • Models at the Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management, Division of Forestry, University of California at Berkeley, CA
    • CACTOS is the acronym for the CAlifornia Conifer Timber Output Simulator.
    • Cryptos is an inter-active computer program designed to simulate growth and yield redwood and Douglas-fir forest stands found in the north coastal region of California.
  • BC Ministry of Forests Software British Columbia, Canada.
  • ASPEN A Circumboreal Growth and Yield Model for Populus tremuloides and P. tremula.
  • RPGrow$ a Red Pine Growth and Analysis Spreadsheet for the Lake States
  • Conifers A Young stand model for northern California and Southwest Oregon


Regeneration Models

  • ACORn, A Comprehensive Ozark Regeneration Simulator.
  • Systum-1, Growth and Yield Simulator for Young Mixed-Conifer Stands, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Young Stand Modeling Project
  • RVMM, The Regional Vegetation Management Model, in the Coast Range and Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington, USA.

Forest-Insect Models


Forestry Unit Conversions

Allometric Equations

  • Biopak is a menu-driven package of computer programs for personal computers that calculates the biomass, area, height, length, or volume of plant components (leaves, branches, stem, crown, and roots) using existing prediction equations.

Decision Support Systems

  • SILVAH a computer tool for making silvicultural decisions in hardwood stands of the Allegheny Plateau and Allegheny Mountain region.
  • Spectrum: An Analytical Tool to Support Ecosystem Management, USDA Forest Service
  • EMDS: a knowledge based system for ecological assessment, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station.

Visualization Tools

Combined Systems

  • Silviculture Laboratory, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
  • NED is a collection of software products being developed by the USDA Forest Service. The NED software is intended to aid resource managers develop goals, assess current and future conditions, and produce sustainable management plans for forest properties.

Agroforestry Models

  • Simile: the visual modelling environment for ecological, biological and environmental research
    • FLORES: Forest Land Oriented Resource Envisioning System

General Ecological Modeling Software

Last Updated: March 2, 2008