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Description: This course will focus on the understanding of the development of forest structure, the role of disturbance, both natural and man-made in forest change, and use of this knowledge in silvicultural systems.

Objectives: Student will learn to apply the principles of forest stand dynamics to the development of forests of various structures. By understanding simple relationships individually, one can reason through complex interactions and develop an understanding of the direction of the current forest structure development and how to affect that development.

The students will have hands on experience with defining forest structure and using that information to predict how the forest will develop. The forest structures are described with both familiar descriptive tools as innovative tools the instructor is developing.

The students should be able to apply the skills learned immediately to the practice of forest management for any objective, to gain greater confidence of their understanding of the development of forest stands.

Forest growth models and permanent plot data will be used and examined to reinforce the principles discussed in the class.

Text: Oliver, C. D. and B. C. Larson. 1996. Forest Stand Dynamics. John Wiley and Sons, New York. 544 pp. ISBN: 978-0-471-13833-4 Paperback.

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