Sylvan Stand Structure Models


A major change in Sylvan 3.0 is a redesign of the database structure. Sylvan 2.0 has a custom built link list structure that had memory leaks. We had been considering the use of a small simple single file database for some years and it was in this redesign we desided to incoorperate the SQLite database into Sylvan 3.0. This choice allows the use of any SQL well with small modificatiosn to the code. In these pages, we will detail the structure and definations of the items stored in the each of the data tables.

Sylvan 3.0 data, metadata, and parameters

The following is a list of the sylvan database tables, Each is linked to a webpage the defines each variable and how it is use.

Plot data and metadata

Plot table (plot) -- Plot level data and metadata.
Reference Points table (reference points) -- Reference point data and metadata.
Reference Point Mapping table (reference point mapping) -- Reference point mapping level data and metadata.

Tree data

Trees table (trees) -- Tree non-dynamics variables.
Tree years table (treeyears) -- Tree dynamic variables.
Crown sections table (crownsections) -- Crown section variables.

Species parameters

Species parameters (species_parameters) -- General species parameters.
Species scale (species_scale) -- Species scale information for species elements.
Species elements (species_elements) -- Species lookup table for functions and distributions.

Definition and metadata

Source (source) -- Description of the source of the functions and distrubtions used in model.
Simulation (simulation) -- Metadata the particular simulation of the database.
Simulation history (simulation_history) -- events in the this particular simulation.

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