Sylvan Stand Structure Models

Published functions

This page contains a links to XML files of published functions useful in parameterizing Sylvan model to different species. Published data is tabulated and referenced to allow machine and webaccess.

These files are written to be viewed with web browsers that supports open source Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). These include firefox, safari. Unfortunately these files are not viewable in internet explorer. Download schema

Maximum Crown width View Download

A set of published functions to predict either maximum crown width or maximum drown radius of trees.

Height-Diameter View Download

A set of published height-diameter equations.

Bark thickness View Download

A set of functions to predict bark thickness at breast height given diameter at breast height.

Height-age View Download

A set of published functions to predict height given age.

Site index View Download

A set of published functions to predict site index.

Maximum Stand Density Index View Download

A set of published functions to predict Maximum Stand Density Index.

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Created: March 21, 2007
Last Updated: April 14, 2017