Dave's RC Planes
These are the Airplanes of Dave Larsen
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Engine: OS .46 FX
Radio: Futaba

2 Motor: Jeti 3-30
Radio: Futaba

This is a UU model which is a Dynflite Butterfly wing and tail with a modified fuselage to allow a camera. See Walker and De Vore (1995) for details.

Walker, J. W. and S. L. De Vore. 1995. Low altitude large scale reconnaissance: A method of obtaining high resolution vertical photographs for small areas. Interagency Archeological Services, Division of Partnership and Outreach, Rocky Mountain Regional Office, National Park Service, Denver, Colorado. 161 pp.

3 Engine: OS .61 FX
Radio: Futaba

Future Potential planes

Polly Pusher

Senior Telemaster



Created: January 22, 2003 - By David R. Larsen
Last updated: November 23, 2003