Feb. 7, 2013 Meeting

  • Present
    • Ryan Sims
    • Mark Carlson
    • Phillip Mohebalian
    • Luca Lopez
  • FGSA logo discussion and Forestry logo.
    • Ryan came with a proposal for the FGSA logo. One logo for the T-Shirt and another logo for the Banner. We agreed to present this proposal to the Student Design Center (SDS). Ryan and Lucas are going on Monday 02/11 to the SDS.
    • We also discussed to have a forestry logo (which includes all the aspects of forestry).
  • FGSA T-Shirts.
    • The FGSA has been approved by GPC Craft Studio for screen printing25 T-Shirts with the logo for free. The FGSA has to provide the 25 T-Shirts.
  • Confirmed Kickball Tournament (KBT) /Potluck for 5th, May with the Faculty Staff.
    • Create a FGSA Kickball team.
    • Wood trophy for the Tournament. Ryan has a possible contact to make the wood trophy.
    • We need to have T-shirts for this day.
    • Some stuff will be sold during the tournament (water, soda, T-shirts). Have a donation bucket, buy charcoal, invite everyone to bring a dish to pass
    • By February we are going to buy the ball in Walmart.
    • T-Shirts, Ball will have the logo of FGSA.
    • It was proposed to discuss organizating the Tournament during the next FGSA meeting.
    • The main goal of the KBT is to spend a friendly day with the Faculty staff, encourage students to be more involve with FGSA and strength our connection as a team.
  • Forestry Coffee cups with the FGSA logo to sell.
    • Mark proposed selling porcelain coffee cups or aluminum water bottles by leaving an example in the kitchen with the price and the contact person.
  • Join the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) with a Local Committee (LC).
    • Create the Mizzou LC of IFSA. Being the 2nd LC in the US
    • Do a presentation, no longer than 20 minutes, about the benefits of being involved with IFSA
    • Send emails to professors and students from the forestry department and other departments to attend the presentation.
    • Currently faculties who showed interest (Dr. Aguilar and Dr. Knapp). Potential faculties (Dr. Muzika and Dr.Stelzer).
    • Put flyers on the first, second and third floor of the ABRN building. Invite undergrad students.
    • See if there is support for this initiative.
  • New Secretary.
    • Ryan proposed to offer this position to Calvin Maginel. We all completely agreed.
  • Students Pictures (Poster) at the Forestry Department.
    • Put the FGSA logo in the poster and indicate the Officers of the FGSA.
      We can be in charge of the FGSA poster.
  • Mail list.
    • Have the names of the students who are on the mailing list of MU SNR Forestry Grad Students.
  • Next Meeting.
    • Next FGSA meeting will be held in Heidelberg. Thursday, 28th, February.

Jan. 28, 2013 Meeting

  • Present
    • Ryan Sims
    • Lizzie Wright
    • Carter Kinkead
    • Mark Carlson
    • Eric McDavid
    • Hank Steltzer
    • Calvin Maginel
    • Luca Lopez
  • Dr. Hank came and spoke with us about several things.
    • Graduate Student Fund for travel.
      • There is $3500.00 left with a cap of $500 per person per semester.
      • Also, funding is distributed evenly amongst advisors/labs.
      • There is a form that you must fill out to apply for funding.
    • Faculty is still interested in a Kickball match!
    • If you want to bring a seminar speaker the department will pay for most things but not taking the speakers to dinner. That is reserved for faculty.
    • $ from grad fund go to fixing truckLizzie welcomed all and passed torch to new president.
  • Lizzie welcomed all and passed torch to new president.
  • Lucas is our new President!
    • Suggested getting together talking about our research projects once a week.
    • Went over Mission Statement
    • Potential Events this semester
      • Kickball game/potluck
        • With GSA from other department to practice in April
        • With faculty on May 5th
        • Need location
      • Square Dance
        • In November
        • Need committee to help organize
        • Need place, good invitation, band, dancers!
    • Professional Development
      • International Forestry Student Association (IFSA)
        • Form local committee
        • Get undergraduates on board
        • Share leadership roles with undergrads
    • LOGO number one priority
      • Get logo so we can make t-shirts and a FGSA banner.
      • Feel like team and group
      • Will go through ORG and Ryan’s friend
    • Outreach
      • GK12 Science Safari Feb. 15th
      • Home school Science Fair judge March 15th and 16th
      • Mizzou Adventures in Education :April 6th
      • Stream clean up!
  • Mark is our new treasurer (along with Phill!)
    • Coffee! Collecting money for pizza and activities.
    • Travel grants
      • Department of Forestry
      • GPC
        Travel Ending Between Application Due by 5:00pm on Awards Announced
        Apr 28, 2012 – Feb 1, 2013 Oct 12, 2012 Nov 9, 2012
        Oct 13, 2012 – Apr 19, 2013 Feb 8, 2013 Mar 8, 2013
        Feb 9, 2013 – Oct 4, 2013 Apr 26, 2013 May 10, 2013
      • GSA
        Cycle Travel Dates Grant Deadlines* Awarded By
        I Dec 15 – Mar 14 Mar 30 May 15
        II Mar 15 – Jun 14 Jun 30 Aug 15
        III Jun 15 – Sep 14 Sep 30 Nov 15
        IV Sep 15 – Dec 14 Dec 30 Feb 15
      • ORG
        • February 8, 2013- Honorarium, Travel&General Expense (occurring 2/16/13 through 6/30/13)
        • April 12, 2013- Honorarium (occurring 3/16/13 through 6/30/13) &Travel (occurring 7/1/13 through 10/31/13)
  • Officers:
    • President: Lucas Lopez
    • Vice-President: Ryan Sims
    • Treasurer: Mark Carlson and Phillip Mohebalian
    • Secretary: Ryan Sims (based on the rules we need a new officer member here)
    • Web master: Eric McDavid

FGSA update!!!


Thanks to all who attended the first meeting!

Below are some of the main points discussed on Thursday:

1) FGSA is planning a kickball tournament- This is intended to allow faculty/student interaction, and possibly raise some money (details to come)

2) Coffee Fund is in the positive- making a marginal profit

3) Dr. Aguilar extends his guidance as our FGSA advisor

4) Dr. Stelzer introduced as new faculty chair- offers some reminders:

a. ABNR 203 Suite that both the front AND rear doors to the suite are to be LOCKED after normal business hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. This INCLUDES the weekend

b. PAY ATTENTION to how the truck handles as you drive, any strange vibrations/noises…and any WARNING lights. Report them at once to Sharon. Lastly, PLEASE REMEMBER to return the truck CLEAN with a FULL tank of gas.

The Forestry Faculty has agreed to dedicate $5,000 of Graduate Supplemental Fees to support graduate student travel to professional meeting for the purpose of presenting their research results OR to help to support their research. Proposal submission instructions and evaluation criteria are in the process of being formulated and should be posted within the month. $500 per award

4) Travel and Honorarium applications for org due to PQ by September 14th!!!!!!! pattie.quackenbush@gmail.com

5) Welcome to Mark and Lucas!

Feb. 7, 2012 Meeting

  • Funding opportunities
    • ORG
      • February 10, 2012- Honorarium, Travel & General Expense Budget Bonus Deadline
      • March 9, 2012- Honorarium (occurring 3/10/12-6/30/12) & General Expense (occurring 7/1/12-12/31/12) Budget Deadline
      • April 13, 2012- Honorarium & Travel (occurring 7/1/12-10/31/12) Budget Deadline
    • GPC
    • GSA
      • if you traveled before below dates and want funding after the fact: http://gsa.missouri.edu/grants/travel_faq.php
      • March 15, 2012- for travel between Dec. 15th and March 14th.
      • June 15, 2012- for travel between March 15th and June 14th
  • Cross disciplinary conference
    • animals and society
    • FEB 15 abstract deadline
    • Conference April 14th
  • MU Sustainable Environmental Policy Network Essay Competetion
    • “Current Issues in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development”
    • Submission Deadline 15th
  • Newsletter Update
    • it’s coming along quite nicely…should be ready by end of next week/early the following.
    • Waiting on MNRC write-up and a meet with C. Kinkead.
    • John to send MNRC pics to PQ for Newsletter.
  • Finances
    • Submit ORG stuff be submitted five days before it’s due so we can review the submissions to see who should be allowed to go. Also, we need to establish a voting committee to review these submissions./li>
    • UMB account closed- Scheduled to open new account at TIGER credit Union with Dr. Aguilar. Taking suggestions on Debit card usage
  • Seminar
    • Anyone have speakers this semester?
    • Next semester Fellowship is planning!
    • Any additional speaker suggestions must be in
    • PQ: yes, the sooner we figure this out and what we need to do for our speakers, we can file an honorarium funding for our speakers.
  • Membership
    • Dues ? $5
    • based on Attendance?
    • PQ: I don’t think we can do the dues. Our constitution says no dues, which means a quorum would have to ratify it. Plus, I don’t think enough people would pay to be a member, anyway. Just a thought, I could be wrong.
    • Xtine: we can’t have dues, but we can take it as unofficial donations or something – I know other groups do that don’t have it in the constitution, like the fire crew. I’d be ok putting in $5. (I know, I know, I’m not everyone…)
    • PQ suggests “social fund”
    • Premise—contribute to use (pizza etc.)
  • T-shirts: logo guidelines!
    • Entries due February 17th.
    • Email. Will post on website and number. Please vote via email by Feb. 24th!
    • Xtine: are we still bringing ideas to the next meeting?
  • Faculty/ Grad Student Mixer:
    • Mardi Gras Party potluck
    • Ask Faculty to contribute food. (C. Kinkead @ next faculty meeting)
    • 5-7 pm in Room 210
    • Fat Tuesday (Feb 21)
  • For Future Mixers. Switch off who holds them. They need to contribute to the organization process and paying for food and stuff.
    • Xtine: we could do a dessert party like the Semlich lab? Only for the whole dept.
  • Square Dance
    • Friday after Spring Break? Jo warns about conclave dates
    • Mark Twain Ballroom available. $100.
    • Pennan suggests Memorial Union 103
    • Silent auction?
    • Local donations? suggested 5$ at door?
    • Meet with Laura Hertel for ideas
    • Encourage Undergrad attendance
  • Other ways to fundraise.
    • PQ: some restaurants in town will partner with organizations for a certain time block and give a percentage of their proceeds to the organization, such as Noodles, for instance.
  • International potluck
    • Way for us to try the foods of our different culture!
    • March 2nd.
    • Christines’s backyard @ 6pm
    • Do it at a house cause we can drink beer if we like and other things found in our respective homes!
    • (C. Kinkead offers back-up location)
  • Outreach!
    • Ideas?
    • Mizzou Adventures in Education
      • What it is/ what we did last year.
      • Contact lizzie. – brainstorm ideas for booth
      • Bring kids here ?
    • Get kids into nature? Organize one day-long forestry day outdoors talk to chad for help
    • April when it’s warm?
    • Xtine: Let’s organize a hike @ Rock Bridge for families! (Or anyone, but…) Or a dog walk or something.
  • Next FGSA meeting—Tuesday March 6th.

2012!! a NEW FGSA!

Hi Forestry Grad Students! (See below for next meeting time, travel award deadlines) 

Things have been a-changing around the Forestry Graduate Student Association! (cue david bowie!)
First off, Happy 2012! We were excited to ring in the new year with officer elections!
Ladies and gents I present your new officers!
President: Lizzie Wright
Vice President: Christine Steinwand
Treasurer: Pattie Quackenbush
Secretary: Carter Kinkead
Webmaster: Eric McDavid
Tah dah! So, we’re very excited about FGSA this year! almost all officers have been freshly trained by ORG and we are now privy to all the excellent benefits we get as an organization. So, ask us if you have a need for something. We may be able to get it for FREE!
Also, a few things that are on the list for this year are: another square dance! an international potluck! an outreach event per semester! a newsletter! a regular faculty/grad student mixer! logo design/tshirt making/button making! and BEYOND! Please, let us know if there is an event or activity you would like FGSA to host this or semester!
Additionally, here are some important funding deadlines for conference travel!!
for ORG (See attached application): http://getinvolved.missouri.edu/?page_id=622

February 6, 2012- Travel (occurring before 6/30/12) See attached application. Print and put in Pattie Quackenbush’s mailbox. 

April 13, 2012- Travel (occurring 7/1/12-10/31/12) see above

For GPC: http://gpc.missouri.edu/funding/travel-awards/

February 10th, 2012-Travel (occurring 10/15/11-4/20/12)

April 27th, 2012-Travel (occurring 2/11/12-10/7/12)

For GSA if you traveled before below dates and want funding after the fact: http://gsa.missouri.edu/grants/travel_faq.php

March 15, 2012- for travel between Dec. 15th and March 14th.

June 15, 2012- for travel between  March 15th and June 14th

I think that is it for now! Get your ORG apps in by Monday Feb. 6th by 5pm so they may be reviewed and submitted by the 10th!

Hope everyone has had a nice start the the semester,

Lizzie Wright, President FGSA

FGSA Travel Grant Application

PS. Here’s a lovely tree song by Jonsi and Alex. Good for studying. “All the BIG trees”

Jonsi and Alex: \”All the BIG trees\”

First FGSA meeting this evening at 5pm.


Please come to the first FGSA meeting of the Semester this evening Thursday, January 19th in Room 210 ABNR at 5pm.

We will be discussing membership, officer elections, the newsletter and i think that’s all. We’ll meet for 30 minutes then head out for a short happy hour.

Here is a photo of some red wood trees for your enjoyment!


FGSA Officers!

Nov. 10, 2011 Meeting

  • GSA- deadline in December for traveling that took place during. Sept 15 and Dec 15.
  • February submit best student and faculty. Will do nominations and letters in December.
  • GPC will email.
  • New officer elections in January
  • Webmaster: We have a web page!!
    • Oak.snr.missouri.edu/~fgsa
    • Dave Larson gave us space on server. Make a card?
    • Current students and research
    • Constitution and by-laws.
    • Who wants to be an author? Maybe general login name.
    • Newsletter highlight someone’s research: Pattie is heading up the Newsletter committee.
    • Job postings. Post docs .
  • Faculty meeting
    • Consolidation. To only natural resources. Agroforestry phd?
    • Redoing seminar: all into one hour. First half hour is class, second public presentation. Grad student expected to present one seminar to the class and one to public. In addition to thesis defense.
  • Bagels and coffee hang out with faculty officially on Dec. 1st, 3:30.
  • Square dance
    • ask Laura Hertel about Bradford farms. Get info out immediately!
    • Bobbing for apples?
    • Bean bag toss.
    • Silent auction?
    • Outfit??
    • Photobooth!
    • Door checking ids. –one checking id’s
    • How much?
    • Get food donated to sell?
    • Other ideas?
    • All but ken and eric and maybe phill will volunteer at the square dance.
  • Present at meeting:
    • Chris b.
    • Carter
    • Phill
    • Lana
    • Ken
    • Lyndia
    • Eric
    • John
    • Pattie
    • Jo
    • Lizzie Wright
  • Peter becker Tuesday at 2pm.
    • Email reminder!
    • Potential happy hour. After?

FGSA Update!

Dear Forestry Grads!

Hello, we hope you all are doing well!

Please, note and attend these upcoming events. Also, FGSA is NOT meeting this week! We will meet NEXT WEEK instead. But Happy Hour is still on for this week at Broadway Brewery. Please, RSVP so we can make a reservation.

Fri. Nov 4, FGSA happy hour 5pm at Broadway Brewery! RSVP PLEASE!

Thurs, Nov 10 FGSA meeting, 4:30 (rm 210 is booked, so we will just meet by the big windows in front of the Forestry wing) Please, email any agenda items to Lyndia before the meeting!

Tues, Nov 15, seminar Dr. David Becker. 3pm. Rm 210.

Thurs, Nov 17 – 3pm Room 210. Afternoon snack on Thursday afternoon. Faculty will come and hear grad students talk about work in order to get to know us better. Broad topics about research and beyond and things that interest you outside of school. Informal. Please, let us know if you would like to present. Presentations no more than 10 minutes each.

Thursday, December 8th- Square Dance, Bradford Farms, 7pm. More details coming soon. This is a fundraiser for the FGSA.

Also, the FGSA website/blog has been launched by our webmaster, Eric McDavid. If you have anything you would like to post please let Lizzie or Eric know! http://oak.snr.missouri.edu/~fgsa/

Thanks so much, everyone, and please keep us in the know about upcoming events that you think the greater forestry grad student community would enjoy.

FGSA Officers